Friday, September 9, 2011


So here it is. I am going to once again try my hand at blogging because of the opportunity it gives me to not only network with other mothers and like minded people, but the great time I would have reviewing products and hosting cool giveaways.
I am SAHM that is mother to two amazing little girls and a sandy haired little boy. Angel is 4 and she is my willful child. much like her mother she is head strong and it is difficult to get her to leave her newborn baby sister alone. Elizabeth is only 2 months and I just get so worried when i see her messy little hands rubbing her little sisters freshly cleaned head. I note the dirt under her nails and realise her day was spent on a sand hill and its time for a hot bath. Just as this is coming together...I have her pj's in hand and the water is filling the tub and baby Elizabeth crys out for a feeding. I know the cry by now by the little snorts she adds. This is the hungry cry. " NO STAY!" she demands as I turn to mix a fast bottle. Onward we go...One screaming in the tub and another in her crib this is how my night

My son he is 8. He lives with his dad, but spends a great deal of time here. He has a Chinese water dragon we keep here for him. We will be building a better environment for him ASAP. His current housing is lacking. Steven is my brown eyed boy. He is  handful, but I say its a sign of being so smart that life is just not up to his speed. He struggles with ADHD. As I did at his age. He is jealous of his baby sister. Somewhat worse I think than Angel is. I think it is dew to the fact he lives at dads house.


  1. What a great introduction, I enjoyed reading your greeting! I must say you having ADHA no never... lol. I so remember you as a preteen, we were horrible :)

  2. lol i know! i could never sitstill for long :)